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채용분야  :
한남동 쇼룸 세일즈 매니저 : 0명
테일러블 디자인 팀 웹 디자이너 : 0명
테일러블 디자인 팀 포토 그래퍼 :0명

채용과정 :

이력서 제출 > 이력서 검토 후 개별 연락 > 면접 > 최종 합격

Tailorable is always interested in recruiting talented individuals with a passion for the menswear fashion industry.

From design to marketing, there is place for all innovative ideas and creations.

We offer a specialized work environment where team members can grow and cultivate their interest along side us.

Anyone with this strong drive and in-depth understanding of bespoke men’s suits are welcome to apply.


Current Job Openings : 

Showroom Sales Manager (Hannam-dong)

Web Designer (Tailorable Design Team)

Photographer (Tailorable Design Team)

To join our Seoul-based team, the process is as follows:


Application Process :

Send resume & cover letter  > Attend Interview > Enter the company